Information About Metro Bus Changes

November 12, 2019

Effective December 1, Metro bus will remove 400 stops to provide riders with more efficient service and shorter trip times. This move will impact high school students of Cincinnati Public Schools who ride Metro daily to get to and from school.

Metro is removing bus stops in three phases, with this being the last phase of what the transit company refers to as the FAStops project. A listing of stops that will be eliminated is posted below, along with the sign that is posted at each Metro stop slated for removal.

FAStops Proposed Elimination SignTo improve the quality and reliability of service, Metro's FAStops project is evaluating all 4,000+ regular service bus stops in the Metro system to ensure stops aren’t too close together. Ideally, according to Metro officials, there should be four to five stops per mile. However, the average Metro route has six-to-eight stops per mile. In addition, Metro is evaluating stop usage, amenities, safety and accessibility.

    More information about the FAStops project, including maps showing changes to stops and a comment form.

    Phase 3 Stops to be Eliminated (Sorted by Bus Route and by Stop Number — Updated December 3, 2019)

    If you have comments about the removal of Metro stops, complete this survey.