CPS Program Helps Students in Foster Care Succeed

October 10, 2019


Success in school can be life-changing for some of the most vulnerable students. A program in Cincinnati Public Schools keeps the 350 kids in foster care from falling through the cracks.

Fray Chaney has been a foster child since he was 10. Now 17, he will graduate from Aiken High School, but it has not been easy. Cherisse Parrish is the school's social worker. Though for the 12 kids at Aiken in state custody, she is much more.

"I was always an out-of-class person, walking around. She'd find me, or, if I was not at school, she'd come to my house and, 'Fray, you need to be at school. I'm coming to get you; put your stuff on,'" Chaney said.

"You might hear them say 'Mama Cherisse' or 'Mama Parrish,' and which I'm fine! As long as you know that I'm that person that you can go to, and I'm going to love on you, but I'm also going to hold you accountable and make sure that your outcomes are going to be successful," said Parrish.

Parrish is part of a program called Kids in School Rule. Her job is to make sure children in foster care succeed.

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