How to Donate to Aiken High School

Currently, we are collecting funds to build a school in Africa. Check out this site to see how you can assist. 

Monetary donations to Cincinnati Public Schools are always welcomed. Donations help our schools and Central Office pay for items and services that the district's General Fund budget cannot stretch to cover.

All donations to Cincinnati Public Schools are tax deductible.

To donate: Mail or deliver a check or money order to the receiving school or the Central Office department.

Aiken High School
5641 Belmont Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45224

CPS Education Center (Central Office)
(Add Name of Department)
2651 Burnet Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45219

Please include with your donation:

How you would like the money spent, or indicate that a school or department may spend it as needed.
Name of the person, business or organization donating the funds.