Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access echo?

Follow this link

How do I check grades on echo?

Click here to watch a tutorial video. (Coming soon)

How can I get meals for my child?

If you are in need of food for the week, there is a 5-day Remote Meal Plan pack. The meal plan is a 5-day breakfast and lunch meal pack. You can pick up the meal pack on Wednesdays between noon-4 p.m. at Aiken High School. Meals are offered at no charge.

What is the bell schedule and when should my child be "in class"?

Click here view the bell schedule for remote learning. Students should follow their bell schedule listed on PowerSchool. Students should report via Google Meet (a link will listed on their Agenda on Echo). The workshops are self-guided lessons and office hours are available for questions.

If my child's google password isn't working, how can we tell a teacher?

From the ECHO start page, your child can select the send mail icon (paper airplane) at the top of classroom agenda screen. From here you can send an email you their teacher.

Common technology questions

Click this text to access resource. If you have any further questions, email one of your child's teachers.

How can I get internet service for my child?

Cincinnati Public Schools has partnered with Cincinnati Bell for FREE internet access for all our students. Free internet service is a pilot of the Connect Our Students program and is provided for at least one year. If you are in need of Internet service at your home, you can call Cincinnati Bell @ 513-566-3895.

How do I log into Powerschool?

Find out how to login and use PowerSchool.