Aiken High School is a world-class learning community empowering students to discover how to be successful global citizens.

New Tech at Aiken offers a small and friendly learning environment. We are team based, which means students are taught by teachers that work together closely on a daily basis. Aiken is also a one-to-one technology school, where each student has access to an electronic device at all times. The offered foreign languages are Arabic, Spanish, and German, which all bode well for college-bound students. When it comes to the arts, Aiken has built a tremendous program. We have an ever-expanding band program, as well as an abundant visual arts program. Students are also able to take math courses that are co-taught with engineering courses. Our Advanced Placement program has expanded wildly alongside the blended-learning program. This year we will offer the following AP courses, and blended-learning AP courses:

  • Biology
  • Environmental Science
  • European History
  • Human Geography
  • Literature and Composistion
  • Psychology
  • Statistics